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Why Yoga Psychologist?


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It took me a while to find a name that could reflect what I offer. Yoga Psychotherapy reflects the integration of my professional training and my passion for Yoga. 

After working for few years as a psychologist in Human Resources and also clinical, I found my way to studying Psychology as a university student who wanted to understanding people... what makes us do the interesting things we do and how we navigate our inner and outer worlds.

After a few years working in the field of Psychology I burned out and travelled in India, and while there I studied my first Yoga Teachers training program in a traditional Yoga ashram, trekked in the Himalaya, and taught English to Buddhist monks. These experiences were life-changing, exposing me to philosophies of integrative wisdom which assist people to live in harmony with the world around them... and they exposed me to a broader way of understanding psychology and the human mind.

Today my professional practice is focused on working with people addressing aspects of their lives affecting health and wellbeing. This includes eating disorders, body image concerns, depression and anxiety. My therapeutic perspective considers the individual as a whole, rather than focusing merely on conditions, symptoms or 'illness'. This approach is health-enhancing, aimed at promoting wellbeing in different areas of life.

I consider myself to be a perpetual student of Yoga, influenced by wonderful teachers including Leigh Blashki, Richard Miller, Amy Weintraub, Donna Farhi, and AG and Indra Mohan. I am a supporter of Yoga Australia, the peak body for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists in Australia, and I hold a position on the Council of Advisors for that organisation.

Here are a few of the businesses and professional projects Im proud to be involved with.

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