About Cony

Recognising the Divinity that you are


Would you like to connect with your true Self?

Awaken your Highest Self, enabling yourself with the tools to do everything that you could have ever dreamed of, without any limitations…


Let me show and accompany you in this wonderful process of connection and awakening, with your authentic Self and your inner power - To re-believe in your abilities and empower yourself. Reconnect with your Being without limits, with your pure and powerful potential. 

Basing my strategy on a Positive Therapy, I believe in your infinite potential to do anything that you propose. By breaking down and understanding lifelong conditioning, and the dissolution of held traumatic patterns, which may only be hampering you in your ability to flourish, we can develop new ways of being. By purifying our bodies and our minds in this way, we are allowing for the investigation of a completely new field of infinite possibility.


The strategy I have created recognizes the importance of an authentic relationship with oneself, a full embodiment. By accepting, understanding and working with our shadows and virtues, we are able to cultivate and nurture ourselves. Within this process of looking at ourselves with honesty, considering the importance of mind and body connection, this powerful self-evaluation and connection to self, allows for the only sense of permanence and peace we may get in this lifetime.


Through my experience as a therapist and my relationship with Yoga and Dance, over the years, I have seen and studied how the mind influences the body, and in the same way, how through our body and the connection with it, we can influence our mind - whether on the conscious or unconscious plane.

If we want to change something about ourselves, we must start by becoming aware of our body. The way we talk about ourselves, and the way in which our body expresses itself and speaks to us, are a very integral step to understanding what is really going on within. We need to listen to the emotions that arise within and the importance of feeling, connecting and understanding them. Through our body we change our mind and, thus through the mind, we also change our bodies.

How do we do this? 


The power of word, the perception we have about ourselves, and our perception of others.

Our words and thoughts transmit vibration and energy, and in this way, we attract what happens to us on a daily basis. We are responsible of our own happiness and success, we are responsible for meeting ourselves within, and finding the truth behind all the masks we may be wearing.

Let me show you the importance of this connection and incarnation with your body, your vehicle to meet and embrace your Highest Self. 


I see each person as unique being, with a unique offering, and understand that we all have different ways of seeing the world and life – I meet you here at this safe space, allowing you to express yourself openly, no matter your age, sex, religion, I welcome all. We must understand that whilst we witness our own perspective on life, we cannot deny that we are part of a collective, and part of consciousness itself. The beauty of our existence lies where we merge duality, with the understanding that we are all one, in a sea of ​​infinity and differences. In our own uniqueness, we all require different types of healing; so let me tailor your experience with me to exactly what you need.


I will foster your reconnection with your true essence, and re-orient your path to direction your soul has been yearning for. To be true and authentic are the primary goals, and through this we discover and connect to our potential, and our power as beings of light and energy. Helping you to discover your talent, your passion, limits, what you have to offer yourself and this world.

Stepping into your power with confidence and love, a strong and grounded belief in yourself, we then become capable of creating the reality we seek.


Open your senses and believe in your innate powers!


Imagine yourself empowered, even happier, connected with your self, loving life and being able to express this joy in a way that feels right for you.

Taste this freedom in your cells, allow yourself this space of authenticity, making a revolution inside of you. Allow yourself to undress without prejudice, feeling safe, creative and inspired.


Welcome the infinite possibilities!

With a degree in Psychology, I am certified to counsel and life coach. As well as completing over 1100 hours of advanced Yoga teacher training, including Meditation, Pranayama, Traditional Tantra and Hatha Yoga. I am a practiced Reiki Master who is passionate about Dance and movement.


Let me walk this path with you...


"If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror."

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