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"I recognize the divine being in me and in all living beings."

Welcoming You...

Hola! My name is Constanza, since I am aware I've been called Cony, so here I am, let me introduce myself as Cony. It's a pleasure to have you here!

My mission is to reconnect people like you with their great potential in loving awareness. To help you with your inner growth and development through a holistic approach, for your own benefit and the benefit of all living beings.


What I do...

I see each person as unique being, with a unique offering, and understand that we all have different ways of seeing the world and life – I meet you here at this safe space, allowing you to express yourself openly, I welcome all.


The beauty of our existence lies where we merge duality, with the understanding that we are all one, in a sea of ​​infinity and differences. In our own uniqueness, we all require different types of healing; let me tailor your experience with me to exactly what you need.


I will foster your reconnection with your true essence, and re-orient your path to direction your soul has been yearning for. To be true and authentic are the primary goals, and through this we discover and connect to our potential, and our power as beings. Helping you to discover your talent, your passion, as well as your limiting beliefs, or anything that could be stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Stepping into your power with confidence and love, a strong and grounded belief in yourself, we then become capable of creating the reality we seek.


"If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror."


Being born in Chile, with a very traditional chilean culture. My parents got divorced when I was 12 years old, hitting me deep inside not having our father at home anymore. Therefore I started vanishing this pain while going out, acting a bit rebel, started smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, going to parties since I was 12, avoiding being at home, avoiding my feelings.

At the age of 15-16 I started being very curious about the mechanisms of the mind, being a lot outside my house, socializing with so many different kinds of people, and seeing things that were quite taught for a teenager to see and experience, made me wonder how we could act so differently and at the same time so similar as human beings...

So I made my decision to study Psychology as soon as I finish High School.

I got my degree In Psychology and started working right after I finished my career. As the years went on, I realized that psychology itself was not enough for me and for my clients. By then I discovered the benefits of Yoga (in the form of meditation and asanas). I remember my first Yoga class, it was Ashtanga Yoga, we were only doing Sun salutations and many back bends. I arrive home after that first class feeling amazing, suddenly I was there in my room quiet and in stillness when I started crying like I never did before... My heart was releasing everything that I've been holding for so many years, suffering, pain, hatred, heartbreaks, disappointments, grief. Voilá!!! There I realized how powerful & heart opening was this ancient practice of yoga and since then I started my love relationship with Yoga.

Quit my job and moved to India, studied a 900hrs Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, living like a Yoguini for 3 months and bit more at the ashram in the middle of this crazy big city.

I always wanted to travel and explore the world, so I did. After a year travelling and living in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka, I moved to New Zealand, were I lived for almost 5 beautiful years. After NZ, I moved to Bali and after back to India to do my Traditional Tantra teacher training with Radasi from Satya Loka. Moved to Portugal in 2019, the place that I can call today home. During this travelling years, I experienced different fields of knowledge, tools, and practices.

Immersing myself in Embodied Yoga, Psychology, Tantric Rituals and practices, Sadhanas, Reiki, Dance, Life Coaching, Sacred sexuality, Shadow work, Trauma work, Theta Healing and Plant Medicine.

This is a part of my Inner Journey to my True Self, and here I am with my heart wide open to help you to achieve what I did and more through my Holistic approach.


Are you Ready to Reconnect with your highest and best version of yourself?

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