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Loving Testimonials


"I can not recommend Cony highly enough. Her down to earth, warm and caring nature shine through always. Her ability to hold a compassionate space while guiding others in Yoga or Mediation is a wonderful gift of Cony's that helps students to feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace. Coupled with her back ground in psychology and her understanding of the physical and subtle anatomy, her classes are filled with richness, depth while being easy to understand".

Sarsha Hope - New Zealand

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Theta Healing Practicioner

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

For the first time in my life I do not have a plan. I do not know what is coming next. Well I never did know, but I had this belief in my head that if I plan everything I am safe. I had to learn and will always learn how to let go. Let go of knowing. Let go of holding on. Today in this moment I can say I feel safe in the not knowing. Feeling absolutely free and safe in being free. And then I know there will be moments where I will be scared, scared of all this new, even tho it is amazing.

This feeling of freedom is new to me. This feeling of belonging is new to me. This feeling of being part of a community is new to me. This feeling of being safe is new to me. This feeling of loving and being loved is new to me. 


Thank you Cony for walking with me this path to where I am today. Going with me through the deepest transformation of my life so far. Bringing me home to myself. 

Always here to support and guide me. Thank you!

Cony works on a lot of different levels, she has a deep knowledge about human psychology, yoga and several different healing techniques. For me it is hard to put in words what exactly she does in her work where she combines all her knowledge and wisdom. I can best describe it with the words above, describing my state of being today. I will forever be grateful for her guiding me in going through some challenging times. 


Maike Eggeling - Portugal

Integrative Coaching & Yoga Psychology Client


"I started yoga classes in my home with Cony 2 months ago. When I left Portugal I continued my lessons via Skype. Cony is a wonderful teacher and very kind in her teachings. I have been quite I'll and her class with me is gentle. I would highly recommend Cony for yoga classes and Reiki".


Glynice Williams - Scotland

Yoga Student

"Mi proceso comienza hace algunos meses bastante en el aire con descubrimientos de mi vida que no entendía y dolían. Cony ha estado presente en mi vida desde que la conozco. Por esta única razón pude desnudar mi mayor dolor para sanarlo. En su búsqueda, tuve muchos sentimientos que desconocía, se sentían feos y pesados. En su guía, su terapia es gentil y me hizo entender que todo sanaría y que los sentimientos feos sólo eran mis sombras y que no eran feos ni pesados, sólo había que conocerlos y ser amable conmigo misma y con ellos. Así conocí la soledad y la invite a mi lado, fui más consciente en todo sentido, en un momento en el que sólo veía el horizonte en un estado plano de mi ser. Apareciendo más respuestas y ayudándonos a entender y sorprendernos de lo impresionante del todo (esta en mi) desde el amor. Ese amor único y propio, que sin querer dañamos sin saber y, en la rapidez de la vida, no nos damos cuenta. Cony me ayuda semanalmente con amor. Mi terapia es contigo, porque Creo en tí absolutamente. Veo como haz crecido y lo duro que debe haber sido y me haces ver desde el ser bueno Capaz de todo. Con amor, fe y trabajo todo se puede".




Andrea - Chile

Beneficiaria de sesiones de Terapia, Meditación & Life Coach 

andrea ruiz.jpeg

“I had the pleasure to have a psychedelic guided healing journey with Cony.

I did work with her prior to that for 3 month 1:1 coaching and therapy, that was already really helping me.

The journey she created was very beautiful from start to the very end. There was a very warm welcome and a beautiful temple. She created a truly magnificent space, where I felt very comfortable.

The journey itself was guided perfectly. She was there present & guarding me, holding space. I felt very safe and secure during my journey experience, Cony really knows what she‘s doing and 100% with the client.

Cony was capable and knew how to handle the emotions that were coming up with me. I felt held but not influenced.

Towards the end of the experience, she waited until I was totally back with full awareness and presence.

All in all: A very healing and amazing experience. I will absolutely redo it with her.”

Moritz M. - Portugal

Psilocibyn Assisted Therapy

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