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My 3 Day Water Fasting experience

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Let's be aware of what we are feeding and filling our bodies. Our body is our temple, it is sacred and it is our vehicle to reach the maximum consciousness.

I was in Ubud, Bali, when I did this 3 day fasting, my first time consuming just water. Since I realised that the food I was consuming lately, was mostly to fill up some gaps and emotional wounds I had. In a way, a little disconnected from my body and myself. To stop, look and become aware of what I was doing, made me realise that my body needed a break and, at the same time, my mind, I wanted to connect again and feel from the deepest that connection.

At the same time, a friend was finishing with her fasting, which inspired me so much, so, this is when I decided to do this water fasting, and give it a try. Ufff! it was not easy... I did long 82 hours with no food at all! This was a time where I was only listening to my body, went through moments of emotional and physical pain,, but I can also say that I had the best deep meditations, with a calm and clear mind.

At times I felt very weak, was very hard for me to do any physical activities. I was shivering a little and a I was getting a bit bored, as I was not going out very much, and also dealing with my thinking mind, with my "do something" thinking as well.

On my first day I felt good. I remember that I was very calm, and drinking lots of water. That morning I did a bit of yoga around 10:00 am, and meditation after that. Feeling very connected and focused. When lunch time came, I started feeling a little hungry and a bit anxious as I knew I wouldn't be able to have any food or juice, and just water. The hours went by and I was actually really good, still with energy and feeling great. The same day, a friend invited me to a Water Ceremony in Ubud... Perfect! Magically everything synchronized fitting perfect on my first "water" day!

The Water Ceremony was something else! We went to this Water temple at night time with a beautiful waterfall. It was kind of raining and a bit fresh as well, but we did it! We were with a few more friends and this lovely Balinese Priest facilitating the ceremony for us. Was a full power ceremony, with a very loving energy, heart opener and intense at the same time. I set my intentions for my fasting and this new year, and gave thanks for everything that I was going through in my life. That night I slept better than any other. Definitely I released a lot under that beautiful waterfall.

On my second day, I woke up and gave thanks for this great experience from last night, put some nice and gentle music and did my morning meditation. During the morning I was very hungry, and with this strong headache that didn't allowed me to do much. My body was telling me to rest while it was detoxifying, so I did! I started listening to my body, so I spent almost all day on my bed, looking through the window towards my jungle landscapes. Every time I wanted to do something, that was not resting, my body reminded me with this intense headache that I should take my day off calmly, laying down and just being. My body was feeling much lighter, deflated, a little bit trembling and weak to do any physical activity. During the evening I was feeling better, so I went to see some friends at The Yoga Barn that were waiting for ecstatic dance... I wanted to socialise for a bit also.

Third day! I was almost all day thinking about what I will eat tomorrow to brake my fasting. My body craved for chia, pineapple and green juice... I was shaky and very slow, my headache was much better than yesterday but I could still feel it. I went to the spa and swimming pool. I remember going into the sauna for 15 minutes, then I was feeling a bit dizzy so I went to the cold water swimming pool and that made me feel amazing! the cold water gave me energy and vitality. I was not hungry at all, but still wondering about what to eat the day after.

Last day, and last hours! and I did it! I completed 82 hours just drinking water! It was a Sunday morning, and I was excited to go to Ecstatic Dance at 11:00 am. To brake my water fasting I had a green juice, Chia Pudding with pineapple and a bit of coconut milk. I eat very slow, chewing very well and feeling the flavour of every bite so intense inside my mouth. I was so grateful that I was eating and my body was feeling happier as ever before. My mind was good as well, detoxified, light and very focused.

After doing this Water Fasting, my eyes shined in a different way, I felt light, my heart was beating strongly but slower, my energy was much more relaxed, I felt that my body and my mind took a long vacation to rest . My organism regenerated, my sore throat disappeared, my body healed in a significant way.

Fasting is a time of introspection, a physical and emotional cleansing. A time to rest in stillness, where you are face to face with your emotions, feelings and thoughts, which some of them I did not remember or did not want to see. But with seeing, accepting and letting go of these emotions comes a clarity and calmness to your mind, where one begins to appreciate the little things that make the difference.

There is nothing more beautiful than when you test yourself how strong you are, this was undoubtedly an exercise in self love 💕

Your injuries may not have been caused by you, but it is your responsibility to heal them.

What is your true power? Your true power is to live the realisation that you are your healer, your hero, your leader and your God. It is when you share your truth with compassion and peace. When you do not hurt yourself or hurt others, and use your energy to enrich everything you know with Love.

82 hrs water fasting in Bali

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