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Theta Healing

Healing through the energy of "All that is".

  • 1 hour
  • 65 euros
  • Online, Client's place or my therapy room.

Service Description

This healing technique is meant for the body, mind, and spirit. It gives you the ability to get rid of limiting beliefs and live a life full of positive thoughts and changes. During ThetaHealing, the facilitator enters the theta brain wave within minutes to work with the energy of the Creator, God, or the Universe (depending on one’s beliefs). Some of the advantages of this technique: - Heals physical illnesses - Treats emotional problems and trauma - Assists in becoming more confident - Manifests your dreams and goals - Teaches you how to grow harmonious relationships - Shows you how to find your soul mate - Unlocks your Genius Potential - Reveals your perfect career - Creates abundance and wealth We will dig into the origins of your limiting beliefs, and from there create the change that you want to experience. Are you ready to try this extraordinary energy-healing modality?

Contact Details

+ (351)937920395

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