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Traditional Tantra

Discovering and connecting with your True Self, recognizing the Divine being that you are.

  • Tantra can be defined as the path that leads to liberation. Contrary to the popular belief in the Western world, tantra does not advocate uninhibited sex. Tantra acceptance is total; it doesn't split you. All transformation is possible, but destruction, no. And a transformation comes when you accept your total being.

  • Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces life in its various energetic manifestations in order to reveal our true nature. Within Tantra, various techniques are used to awaken the beneficial energies within, which naturally purify us and bring about a greater spiritual transformation.

  • Some of this practices include mudras, mantras, prayers, sadhana, meditation and other yogic practices that purify both the body and soul. Tantra presents a Yogic science for arousing Kundalini energy, our potent divine energy. 

  • Through Tantra we balance the lunar and solar energies of our being. Lunar representing the feminine receptive aspect, related to the left side of our bodies, coolant aspects of the moon. Solar energies represent the masculine active aspect, it's related to the right side of our bodies, warmth aspects of the sun.

  • ​Give yourself time to learn taking care of your body, mind and reach your highest self connection, through Tantric practices.

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